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What Parents Say

We asked our Parents to comment on their experience with The CE Academy. Below are some of their responses:

“I have found the Cromwell Campus have been very forward in advising me of any concerns or achievements of (my son). I am very happy with what the school has provided for (my son).”

“If (my daughter) had stayed at her school she wouldn’t have sat any exams. She has worked really hard at Overleys. It’s like she’s a different girl.”

“Once (my son) learnt to settle and communicate with teachers he made a huge amount of progress. Six months ago we thought he would get no exams or work. Now he has applied for the army and has 4 exams. (He) has been inspired by the opportunities he has had at CE which he would not have had in mainstream. The personalised lessons and relationships have helped.”

“I feel that (my son’s) experience at The CE Academy was very beneficial for him. He seemed to get on better with small group sizes and he also enjoyed the college courses that he attended.”

“We as a family have found Overleys to be the most amazing school. The teachers have been very supportive, caring and helped both us and our daughter. Although at times there have been challenges, they have never given up and as a result she has completed her exams. She has had brilliant support, she is moving forward and has a bright future. So thank you all of the staff for everything”.

“I’m happy with how the school has been… and a lot of good things have come from him attending your school. This service is a great help for a lot of pupils. Thank you all for welcoming and helping out both of my sons.”

“The communication that I have had from staff at CE Academy – I could not fault this. Since (my son) has been attending CE Academy he has improved immensely and his behaviour has much improved at home. He praises all of the staff for the encouragement they have given him. He enjoys school now much more than he used to. The staff at CE Academy should be proud of yourselves as you all do a fab job, and I know (he) will miss you all.”

“We feel that (his) behaviour and attitude have much improved since being at the Campus. We also feel that if he had stayed at (mainstream school) he would not have progressed as much as he has done at the Campus. So big credit must go to all staff at Cromwell Campus.”

Letters sent to us from our Parents:

“I would like to thank you and all of the staff at the school for sorting ___ out. It has been months since we have had any problems at home and I know that is because of the school. He is so happy now and I can’t remember him being so happy since before his dad died. He is lovely to be with, he is really polite and I am really proud of him. He talks about school all the time and although he is no angel at school, he is brilliant at home.

He used to throw things and shout when he was angry and he doesn’t do that anymore.

It is all down to the school.”

“I would like to thank each and every one of you for everything you have done to make (my son) the person he is today. Extra mention to Miss Judd for everything, you have been amazing and so caring towards (my son), I can’t thank you enough

Thank you”

“Mr Thomas – Deputy Head CE Academy
Steve O’Hara – Senco
All Staff at Spring Gardens Campus,

To everyone at Spring Gardens who has been involved with my son, I just wanted to say a massive thank you.

When ___ came to Spring Gardens in May he had been through a tough time since beginning Year 7 - this left him with: - distrust; anxiety; feeling broken and that it was his fault as to why he was attending Spring Gardens.

___ is now going back into a very good Mainstream school with the help of Mr Thomas making sure that was possible, but also had it not been for all of the staff that have worked with ___ this would not have been possible.

You have turned ___ around - it’s so nice to see my son back to the way he was before he started Year 7 and excited that he is returning to Mainstream school.

When I asked ___, what was different being at Spring Gardens he said, ‘you are treated with respect, not shouted at, but listened to, understood and allowed to voice your thoughts and feelings.’

What you do at Spring Gardens is amazing and given the short amount of time ___ has been at Spring Gardens I am blown away. It’s just a shame that some Academies and schools don’t adopt the approach you have.

Thank you so very much. I will always be very grateful for the way you all helped and worked with ___ and for what you have done.

Kind regards

___’s Mum”

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