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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview – Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

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 The CE Academy believes that learning at a level that promotes intellectual growth is crucial to the enhancement of self-esteem, resilience and personal growth. This is achieved through a rigorous approach to the provision of a curriculum of high quality.

At the CE Academy, the curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced range of subjects at all key stages that stimulates, engages and allows students to gain the knowledge and skills needed to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. The curriculum offers the opportunity to study a range of GCSE subjects and vocational courses that cater for pupil’s interests and future career aspirations.

Our curriculum allows for equal opportunities, regardless of starting points thus enabling all students, whatever their needs, to be successful. It aims to enable students to take independent responsibility for their learning and behaviour and make a positive contribution to our school and our community. PSHE is delivered to all students in dedicated timetabled lessons that promote a knowledge of cultural capital and diversity. Careers advice and education is provided by specialist staff and work related learning is embedded within different subjects at various stages of a student’s education.

Students follow an individual curriculum plan which has been designed to enable students to re-engage in education and make progress in acquiring and remembering the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve outcomes that will allow them to progress to the next stage of their lives.

The content of the curriculum at CE ensures that students learn about a full range of issues and ideas but allows individual students to not be subject to discrimination in the ways these issues are taught (Equalities Act 2010). Provision is made within our curriculum to make it accessible for any students with disabilities or special education needs. More details can be found in the SEND report on our website.

Key Stage 3

All students study the National Curriculum including English, mathematics, science, art and design, a humanities subject and personal, social and health education. Schemes of work and programmes of study ensure the content of the National Curriculum are covered but they are focused on an individual’s needs and may not relate to their curriculum year.

Literacy is delivered in an individual programme. Good literacy and numeracy skills are key to pupils being able to engage in all subjects and are embedded in all subjects.

Students also follow the Bounce Forward programme that supports young people to lead mentally healthy lives. Healthy Minds is an evidenced based curriculum that helps our young people develop a set of psychological skills that build mental resilience, and emotional wellbeing. The programme is designed to be delivered for at least one hour per week and will provide the skills and knowledge to develop their psychological fitness and life skills to thrive within and beyond education.

We believe that the core subjects of the National Curriculum are of paramount importance but they are balanced by access to experiences outside of the traditional classroom that complement an individual’s needs. Students will have access to a range of vocational courses appropriate to their key stage.

Pupils have the opportunity to work in small groups with experienced and dedicated staff. We provide them with the freedom to express themselves, be inquisitive and feel valued.

Key Stage 4

The curriculum aims to promote valuable learning experiences in a range of subjects and is broad and balanced. It should meet all students’ needs and aspirations and has GCSE subjects at its core. Students are able to study up to eight subjects, including the core subjects of English Language and Literature, mathematics, science. Dependent on the campus, they will have the option to study photography, art and design, 3D art, critical studies, history and citizenship. The ambition is that the majority of students will complete the core subjects and gain a number of vocational qualifications of their choice and/or additional GCSE subjects available at their campus. These will enable them to move onto another provider for the next stage in their education.

We are also able to offer a wide range of vocational courses, see the vocational section for more details. These are intended to complement the academic offer of GCSEs and the balance is carefully chosen to meet the needs of the individual, their strengths and aspirations.

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