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Ethos and Values

Equal rights

The CE Academy regards all people as valuable individuals with equal rights. This implies that at all times positive action will be undertaken to ensure that all people within our area of influence feel supported and valued. This allows their strengths to be enhanced even when individual actions are rejected as inappropriate.


All people have the right to retain their self-respect at all times. There must be an empathy and delicacy of interaction. Relationships with the vulnerable must be carefully pursued to avoid putting them down, perhaps unintentionally. Positive attitudes will engender partnership in the enterprise of education. There will be consistent elements of consultation and negotiation for everyone.

The right to fail

Each member of the CE Academy community has the right to fail. The only way to avoid failure is to avoid doing anything.

Decisions that affect you

People have the right to be involved in decisions that affect them. Honest, generous and kind communication is crucial to the integrity of all. Care will be taken to ensure that personal space is not invaded particularly at an emotional level but staff will also be open to the needs of pupils to communicate their thoughts, feelings and experiences in an atmosphere of acceptance.

What is the CE Academy?

The CE Academy is an educational provision. It believes that learning at a level that promotes intellectual growth is crucial to the enhancement of self-esteem. This is achieved through a rigorous approach to the provision of curriculum of a high quality that stimulates and engages its participants.

Equal rights to access education

The CE Academy believes that each pupil has an equal right to access education. This enables their best development, equipping them to grow purposefully into the responsibilities of adulthood.

Promoting a purposeful environment

The CE Academy promotes a purposeful environment. It provides opportunities for pupils to flourish within the safety of a structured framework that provides clear roles for all concerned. The framework empowers staff and pupils to take the risks necessary to change by sharing a negotiated learning experience. As part of this process consequential behaviour provides a focus for personal growth into an acceptance of the equal rights and responsibilities of all individuals.

Positively assertive and non-aggressive

The CE Academy approach is positively assertive and non-aggressive. While aggressive confrontations are regarded as unhelpful, it is acknowledged that many of our community will take time to come to terms with this. Mistakes will be made. Personal styles are taken into account and strategies are taught through mediation so that unnecessary confrontation can be better avoided in the future.

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