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Curriculum at the CE Academy

Each young person attending the CE Academy has an individual timetable designed to meet their needs.* This includes an appropriate balance of academic and practical/vocational subjects.

All Key Stage 3 young people will follow the Ruth Miskin Literacy programme and all are involved in a social skills/team building programme designed to improve their interpersonal skills.

At Key Stage 4 young people are able to take GCSEs in up to eight subjects. The CE Academy will also support young people wanting to complete GCSE studies begun in mainstream school.

There is an opportunity to achieve qualifications in a range of vocational areas for example Catering, Hair & Beauty & Mechanics.

For more information about our curriculum and/or vocational opportunities please see our Curriculum pages for Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Vocational.

* Please note CE Academy does not routinely take young people with EHC plans.


Young People in Key Stage 3 will need to wear a uniform at school. Whereas, pupils in Key Stage 4 are not required to wear a uniform, however we still have rules on what can and can’t be worn in the academy. For more information please check our Dress Code page.

Pupils living over three miles from where they are to be taught will receive a bus pass.

This will be arranged by the school or the CE Academy. You may need to supply passport-size photographs.

Pupils entitled to free school meals will receive a packed lunch. Others are expected to provide their own food.

These will be supplied to pupils.

Our curriculum is made up of the following subjects:

  • English
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Design and Technology
  • Art and Design
  • Critical Studies
  • Photography
  • Relationship, Health and Sex Education
  • PACC (Personal, Social and Health Education) Activities
  • Careers and Citizenship
  • Vocational options include:
    • Catering
    • Hair and Beauty
    • Mechanics

Staff will offer careers advice and support.

We support pupils in returning to mainstream school as and when appropriate.

Ring the CE Campus as soon as possible in the morning.

Ring the CE Campus and inform staff who will offer you support.

Yes, write a note/letter/send a text/email or ring. If we are not there, leave a message on the answer-phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you wish to visit, please contact the Campus first to make an appointment as staff may be teaching and are not always available.

Each pupil has a member of staff who supports them whilst at the Campus and who will contact parents/carers about their progress.

You can contact the following:

Designated Safeguarding Lead/Prevent/E-Safety Lead:

Lou Bridger (Deputy Head) -

Deputy Designated Safeguarding/Prevent Lead(s):

James Thomas (Headteacher) -

Adrian Davy (Deputy Head) -

Claire Smith (Safeguarding Manager) -

Hayley Singlehurst-Mooney (MHL / OT) -

Or call the CE Academy County Office: 01604 239 734

Or visit the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children’s Trust website and report a concern.

Every few weeks, you will receive a report on your child’s progress. We will update parents/carers regularly by phone.

All pupils are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct. If there are problems you will be contacted by your son/daughter’s Key Tutor or a senior member of staff.


Useful Phone Numbers

CE Campuses

Headteacher, County Office - 01604 239734

Cromwell, Northampton - 01604 239733

Overleys, Northampton - 01604 824000

Fairlawn, Wellingborough - 01933 445250

Spring Gardens, Wellingborough - 01933 445830

William Knibb, Kettering - 01536 536400

London Road, Kettering - 01536 311000

Forest Gate, Corby - 01536 408976

Community law service - Northampton and County (Welfare Rights)

Northampton - 01604 621038

Wellingborough - 01933 278248

Rushden - 01933 313020

Citizens Advice

Kettering - 01536 482281

Corby - 01536 265501

Daventry - 0802787899

Wellingborough - 0800 1448848

Children’s Social Care

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub - 0300 126 7000

Out of hours:

Children’s Social Care Team - 01604 626938

Useful stuff you may need to know

Contact Us

County Office: Cromwell Campus, Poole Street, Northampton, NN1 3EX
General Enquires: 01604 239 734

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