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About Our Academy

The CE Academy

The CE Academy provides education for pupils who are permanently excluded from school and dual registered pupils. We respond to the educational needs of pupils who would otherwise be attending mainstream/special schools.

Aims of the CE Academy

The CE Academy enables and provides effective education and support for pupils out of school and for whom attendance at their previous school is inappropriate.

What the CE Academy Provides

Support is determined by each pupil’s particular needs and circumstances. Pupils may be taught in a group or given individual tuition. Support may also be given for a limited period as part of a reintegration plan. Staff support pupils individually to develop positive relationships with others.


The CE Academy has positive expectations of the behaviour and performance of each pupil. We foster an atmosphere of mutual respect between pupils and staff. The Academy employs qualified teachers, academic expectations are high and related to pupils’ abilities.

Working with others

Staff work closely with parents and carers who together with the pupil are encouraged to be fully involved in any decision-making and provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are also committed to maintaining close working relationships with schools and other agencies.

The Future

Pupils are encouraged to take GCSE and appropriate vocational examinations. They are encouraged to do their best to prepare themselves for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Contact Us

County Office: Cromwell Campus, Poole Street, Northampton, NN1 3EX
General Enquires: 01604 239 734

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