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How when you think your world had ended,

and something utterly brilliant happens

as a result of your mistakes.


Getting expelled, a kid like me.

That’s funny as well.

Quiet, polite, hard working.

Typical Alfie.

I thought my world had blown up.

No education. No GCSEs. No future.

But then I end up at a building

overflowing with opportunity and

oddly friendly people.

Funny still.

Now look at me. Acting, writing, and

everything else creative.

All just because I got expelled.

It’s quite funny, isn’t it?

So here’s a tip, from me to you.

You think everything’s gone to ****?

Give it a chance.

You might just end up somewhere brilliant.

And then have a good laugh about it.

Because it’s, well…… funny.

Introduction to the Future

D (Destiny) = L (Legend) = Freedom


I’m doing something that you

never thought I’d do

‘cause the lyrics I’m about to say

are so old school.

And you never thought you’d hear it

from the voice of youth

but freedom is such a sensitive subject

so let’s speak the truth.

Read on ……...


The Future


I’m finally at the end

and yet it all begins

so that’s why I dedicate this poem

to the people who turn the losses

into wins.

I start with Silvana

a teacher that always has a friendly face

I was the one who interviewed her

and I’m very glad she entered

this place.

Then I move on to Eva

a person who got me through those times

it’s amazing how I’ve written almost 500 poems

and she knows I’m not even

in my prime.

Then I mention Sally

a person with the brains and looks to match

the knowledge she has installed in me

is what makes her a great catch.

The 7 habits Graham

a person who made me think

about my dreams

who respected the person I am

hence why he will always be remembered

by me.

Then the person who evolved my English

to something I never thought it

could become

Gary a great English teacher

even though he’s a part of the Spurs slum!


And I have to mention Laura

gorgeous and evidently creative

and to teach others to do the same

is something I will always relate with.

My key tutor and professor

who has done so much till this day

biology, chemistry and physics is his gift

the person I remember is Ray.

A person who’s always been there

an opportunity to write was never rare

as I was always welcome at her class

and this person’s name is Claire.

And the one who pushed lyrics forward

On a simple Tuesday regime

the teacher I hold right now

goes by the name of Emmalene.

Next on the list is Jen

although we’ve had our shared doubts

the lessons that she taught me

is ultimately what counts.

Eileen was a part as well

at times misunderstood

but the support that is given

is never less than good.

And last but never least

the two who made the aspirations

who gave D=L

a true form of inspiration.

Bobbie and Jaine

sitting at the mantle

everything I hoped for

I know that they could

always handle.

These staff are more than staff

they’re heroes in their own way

and because of them I cannot

fail or be the loser

I look forward to the

unknown that is

The Future.

Old school

Don’t like it

Story carries on

That was not nice

Principle lied, I lost my temper, went mad

I had friends in that school and I lost them

I got sent home too many times

That one time I lost it too much, got excluded.

Other five kids got kicked out too

I don’t want go back there, I guess

I am now in a place with others like me.

Teachers are better than mainstream

I can talk with them and they listen to me

They give me advice when I need it

I do better stuff in here than in last school

I have plans for the future, be a PE or maths teacher

I want to have a big house and a nice car

A wife that respects me and I respect her

Kids who I can take care of and love them.

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